Dear all,

Disclaimer:  This post does not contain an announcement either.  I am still working on finding a new home for Three Crows so keep the faith!  In the meantime I hope you will read on…….

I was recently in Seattle to attend a women’s permaculture gathering.  I’ve never been to the northwest so it was quite a revelation to see what a beautiful place it is.  I felt at home there, like Minnesota but with ocean and mountains…it was sunny while I was there, making me suspicious that the ceaseless comments about the cloudy, rainy weather is all a ruse to keep everyone in the world from moving there….. 

The gathering was held in a church camp in a beautiful forest of cedar, doug fir, ferns and moss.  Long story short, I got inspired by one of the speakers.  Her name is Vicki Robin and she has a book out called Blessing the Hands that Feed Us: what eating closer to home can teach us about food, community and our place on earth.  She’s also done a Ted Talk about going on a month long local food challenge which means that for a month she ate food grown near her home.  In this case, within 10 miles of her home, plus 4 exotics.  I really got from listening to her, that this could make a fine adventure. 

Evidently others thought so too, so she’s helping to orchestrate a 10 day local food challenge in October.  This time the rules are to eat food within a 100 mile radius and add 10 exotics.  Wimpier version for sure, but given the time of year I think it’s a good start for me so I’m going to do it!  

During this little hiatus from running the restaurant, I’ve been cooking which has been restoring me at a fundamental level of well being and especially when I cook food that comes from people I know or the tomatoes or cucumbers or herbs I’ve grown myself. There's a name for that now, it's called  relational eating


I plan to start my local food challenge on Wednesday October 15 and carry on through Saturday October 25.  Those dates will include Friday October 24 which somehow has become National Food Day and the last day of our Delano Community Market.  I figure if worst comes to worst I can live on squash and apples… and the tomatoes I’ve been roasting in the oven will surely add some interest, and kale loves cold weather.   I think maybe there should be some local wheat but I might need to put yeast on my exotic list, or I could learn how to capture wild yeast……I have a local chicken in the freezer which is very comforting….So it begins!

I’m also thinking that it would be fun to do a couple barter, food exchange days at the Saturday Delano Community Market on the 18th and the 25th.  Saturday October 25th will be the last day of the Market until next Spring.  A food barter/exchange seems a fitting way to end. I plan to communicate a bit on the Three Crows Facebook page  about this.  What I’m excited about is to experience what it’s like to eat only local food, hunt for sources, and share stories..

I think I’ve talked a couple other folks into joining me. I would welcome more company on this adventure. If you want to help the cause you can sign up on the 10 day local food challenge website and participate in the survey and it's also a good place to get inspired, in fact googling around about this you will find quite a lot.   It makes adventures more fun when you know others are on the same path and understand your crazy excitement over finding local honey at the grocery store.

I was sure curious about which four foods were on Vicki’s “exotics” list, the foods that come from afar that she allowed herself.  She picked salt, lemons, oil and coffee! She made her butter from the milk she got from the neighbors cow….Hope Butter is 101 miles from my house but Land O Lakes is only 38 miles…I wonder where the cows live?  

Enjoy the week!