Dear all,

I find it remarkable that June is six months away. It seems like it should be a shorter time than that. So much happens in the six months from July to December.  The fourth of July, summer harvest, school starts, the leaves turn and drop off the trees, Halloween comes,  then Thanksgiving and finally Christmas.  It seems like that should be 9 months.

From January to June we have Ground Hog’s Day, Winter, Valentine’s Day,  Spring, the end of school and graduation. Now, the earth lies fallow and frozen.  Resting. In it’s own way planning for the Spring growing season. 

I long for a fallow period to rest and plan for the growing season.  I think what’s in the way is cleaning up from last year.  Putting away Christmas, dealing with all the papers and numbers from last year and getting ready for tax season.  Faced with that tedium it’s easy to see why the cleanup drags on until June.  It’s hard to conjure up the energy to deal with tedium when we’re coming off a season of social saturation.  

The first step they say is seeing the problem.  Hmmm.  I think a stout cup of tea  and the promise of an empty space could inspire me to plow through the rubble of the past year tout de suite.  An empty space holds the promise of an opportunity to create something new.  I like nothing better.

We are not planning anything big in January, instead we’ll dot the landscape with three nights of music a week, some nice art on the walls and use our energy to create a couple things for February.  You might want to mark your calendars for Saturday February 1st when the Three Crows Opera Company makes their debut performance.  There will be Italian food of course, some Italian wine choices added to the menu for the night and great fun.   Details are coming and reservations will be needed.

The Balgaard Brothers are back this Thursday to entertain us with their particular flavor of music.  On Friday night it’s Sasha Mercedes:  and on Saturday night it’s the Dillman’s making their way back after a little hiatus.  

Father Paul Kammen will have his photographs up this month and you can meet him on Tuesday January 21 from 5-8 PM.  Stop in and take a look.