Dear all,

My hope would be that the fact that this week brings us Valentine’s Day and with all  that attention on those red Valentines, that our own beating hearts grow.   And like the Grinch’s small cold shriveled heart when touched by love, ours grows to color the area around us with goodwill and warms us up!   It’s handy that we have our own ability to generate warmth and It could save us all from freezing to death!  

I’m picturing a warm pink glow shining up into the night sky from Delano, or Minneapolis, or since Valentine’s Day is observed all over, perhaps the glow could emanate from the whole country.  Or why stop there?  From the whole planet……. which makes me wonder, who in the world is celebrating Valentine’s day anyway and could that cause global warming

Well we are, of course.  Check out www.thethreecrows.com for details about the dinner and call soon!  

Meanwhile on Thursday we have Buddwa Mambo coming for the first time.  They don’t have a website but when we googled them we found them on CD Baby and the description of their music was: Soulful, bluesy rock, moving vocals Hillbilly blues, slide guitar and mandolin.  Sounds good to me.

On Friday- Valentine’s Day- 2 seatings, reservation only.  Background music, the better to focus on the food and your dining partners, but …. there will be a musical surprise.  

On Saturday- it’s Moses Oakland and Paul Holland.  Guitar lovers are in for a night of sweet, sweet music.  If any of you are new to these two- check them out: http://www.moseso.com  or this youtube of Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ5vGhOJh9E

Enjoy the week,

Gina, Carl, Al & Marcus, the Music Guys