Dear all,

What a wondrous age we live in.  Yesterday, our immediate family collectively travelled 5700.45 miles.  I drove back and forth to Three Crows and to the grocery store for my contribution of .45 miles. 

Modern day air travel.  Think about it. We drive to a place, park our cars, go through a bunch of doors and end up in a silver skinned vessel, sit in a chair, buckle in and get launched into the sky and then virtually in a controlled fall, come back to earth, walk through a bunch more doors and walk outside in another city far, far away.  It’s weird.

And not only fly through the air, we sit at little boxes on our desks and go out into the virtual sphere and see pictures and pictures that move and talk and music and so much information!!

We launched our new website and you’ll have to check it out.  Shari Zimmermann designed it and Mitch Kezar took the photographs. Our menu is on there as well as a fun calendar, news about Wine Club coming up on Tuesday March 11 and ways to get in touch with us about music, art and general comments. Keep checking back as we will be adding more pages including an online store. 

This week we have Clay Hess and Jon Garon coming on Thursday night.  He’ll be bringing his bluegrass guitar:   On Friday it’s Lehto & Wright:  and on Saturday night Lonnie Knight and Mosquito Shoals:  No covers.

I want to give you a heads up about next week.  We have a concert on Thursday night with Garnet Rogers.  Someone asked me today what kind of music Garnet Rogers played, and I’m sorry to say, I didn’t know.  So when it came time to write this I googled him.  Usually I get a website, in this case I got a big wikipedia entry…. so the thing is, he’s a pretty big deal. Owning Three Crows has been a musical education for me, so me not hearing of him is no big surprise.  All I’ll be able to do after he’s here, is tell you how great he was and how much I wish you hadn’t missed it.  So check him out, or take the music guys word for it and get a ticket!!

And don’t forget to stop by, if you haven’t and enjoy Emily and Tom’s art on the walls- February is almost over!  Yea!  Not because the art’s changing but because March should see the snow starting to melt…. 

See the full calendar.