Dear All,

In all the hubbub over the debut performance of the Three Crows Opera Company last  Saturday night, the fact that Sunday was the 9th anniversary of Three Crows and the first day of Spring was a little overshadowed.

So let’s discuss.  First of all,  Opera night was truly a Big Night at Three Crows, possibly the biggest, and appropriate for the eve of our anniversary.  It put me in mind of where we’ve been and where we are, as anniversaries have a way of doing.  I don’t have a video of where we started and I think we’ll think more about that next year,  but thanks to Mitch Kezar, we do have a video of where we were on Saturday night and as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words:

Created by Mitch Kezar for placement on Three Crows Cafe" & Coffee House web site, designed by Shari Zimmermann.

I know many of you wanted to be here and we simply ran out of room, however, we are in the midst of planning Opera Night Part Deux on Saturday April 12.  We have a few details to work out, but we are taking reservations and will have a poster up on our website in the next day or so.

And, yes it was no mistake that I said the first day of Spring as I like to think of February 2nd.  It helps get through February for one thing and I love that we can count on the days APPEARING longer now with the last rays of sunlight still visible on the horizon at 6 PM.  You can wait until March Equinox if you like, but you might enjoy trying it this way.

This week’s music lineup will warm you from the inside out.  On Thursday, Dan Newton: will be here along with Diane Jarvi:  Dan is also known as Daddy Squeeze of Café Accordian Orchestra and they seem to be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year!  Appearing this time with Diane should make it a night to remember and thoroughly worth the cover.  

On Friday it’s Cate Fiero:   appearing with Josh Stigen and on Saturday night, it’s the Daisy Dillman Band here to work their magic on our cold, cold hearts.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day. it’s just around the corner and we are taking reservations for the first and second seating.  Call early 763-972-3399 and check our our website: for details.

New Art, by the way!  This month it’s Emily Lynch’ s gracing our walls along with some sweet paintings by Tom Triplett, Sr..  I love the mix.

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