Dear all,

My new favorite activity is watching the snow melt, hopping over puddles and opening my bedroom window at night to let in some fresh air.  One true thing is that the more there is to put up with, the better it is when it’s over and in this case, not even winter over but Spring coming with leaves on trees, flowers, ….. I can hardly imagine how great it’s going to feel to walk outside with bare feet on soft, green grass!  I’m even looking forward to watching the river flow again.  I’ve been way more excited than I should be just to see bare pavement peeking out from under the ice.  For those of you concerned about the river,  the predictions are still optimistic.  We just need a nice, steady thaw without too much rain.  It’s always good to know what to ask for.

This week at Three Crows we have some great music on the weekend and Wine Club starting tonight, Tuesday March 11.  It runs from 7-9 PM.  This month is Washington Wine Month and so we will be checking in on their Merlot.  We have a new structure this year.  There will be 3 parts to each evening of wine club: 1)  Palate development (tasting),  2) Enjoyment of wine (tasting with food) thinking about the season, gift giving, serving wine, and  3) Acquisition, buying wine, developing a cellar (and more tasting… ).  Call to make a reservation: 763-972-3399.  You can come to individual sessions if you like ($20 plus tax) or join for the year, all eight sessions for $120.  

On Thursday night we have Scott Ballantine & Andra Faye, on Friday, Slapdash and on Saturday night, Mary Jane Alm will be here with Boyd Lee and her back up band- known to us as some members of The Tex Pistols.

Next Monday is St. Patrick’s Day and we will be serving up Corned Beef and Cabbage, Guinness and some fine Irish Music with Singleton Street.  There are two seatings, one for the early birds at 5:30, and one at 7 PM.  Call for reservations 763-972-3399.  $12 plus beverages,  MN sales tax and gratuity.  Hope to see you here and don’t forget to wear some green!

Enjoy the week,

Gina, Carl, Al & Marcus the music guys