Untitled, Joe McDonald

Untitled, Joe McDonald

Dear all,

Well St. Patrick’s Day is behind us now.  Celebrating like it’s the weekend on a Monday will hopefully make up for the bit of snow we had this morning. I rather like routine and I sure do enjoy a break from it……

Sunday before last, I looked up from my usual routine and had a little meltdown. Both of us had been working, and working, and working, through evenings, through the Saturdays and the Sundays…. The good movies had dried up, no trip south this winter, no drives around to see what’s going on outside my little world…. ARRGGGHHHHHH!  

We spent the next two hours trying to figure out how to fit in a trip somewhere, anywhere, Duluth, Stillwater, Kansas, Minneapolis, Mexico….We managed to keep the hope alive until Monday when we realized it wasn’t in the cards….. 

BUT, something happened.  My routine got broken up.  I did 4 things I don’t usually do. I went into town for an appointment that came up.  That’s it.  Drove and drove back out.  No other errands, last minute. 

Then on Friday, I went in again to attend a seminar at 7:30 in the morning.  I never join the line of commuters traveling into Minneapolis, and I do not know my way around the University, especially in the dark, much less the Carlson School of Business.  It turned into an adventure when I ended up meeting a friend, going to Al’s Breakfast with her (a first) and seeing her new store. 

On Sunday we drove in again for a food show and afterwards, found everything in NE closed (remineded us of Delano) but found a movie and visited a new restaurant.  Count St. Patrick’s Day, an event for us on a Monday night as a departure from what I would normally do on a Monday, and I feel practically renewed.  Not a vacation to the tropics, but things look brighter despite the new snow and hopefully, I’ll remember to stray off the well worn path a little more often.

Tonight, Tuesday, Joe McDonald will be on hand to satisfy your curiosity about his photography show.  5-8 PM.

On Thursday it will be Diet Folk, a Duluth based group of musicians down to play us their particular brand of folk music.  On Friday it’s the Turpentine Wine Band with Lisa Rowland, Time “Buck” Paulson and Bronson Bergeson.  And on Saturday, it’s It’s Still Standing, our house band featuring Al Sterner, Shari Zimmerman with Danny, Michael and Marcus, and their eclectic variety of musical entertainment.  No Covers this week.

Friday night is Date Night, $40 for two including a bottle of wine.  Spicy Noodles with Chicken.



Calendar This Week 

March’s Featured Artist

Joe McDonald


Monday March 17

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Two seatings: 5:30 pm and 7:00pm

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner.  $12.  Celtic music of Chuck & Sherri Leyday 6 - 9 pm. Call 763-3399 for reservations



Tuesday, March 18

Meet the Artist
Come meet Joe McDonald, March's featured artist, see his photography show, and enjoy free coffee and cookies.



Thursday, March 20

Diet Folk

7:30 pm no cover
This Duluth, Minnesota based group of soulful folk musicians epitomize the spirit of blending the old with the new; reaching for new territory while keeping their roots planted firmly in the ground. 


Friday March 21

Turpentine Wine Band

7:30 pm no cover

Lisa Rowland, Tim "Buck" Paulson, and Bronson Bergeson  

Friday Night Date Night  — Dinner for Two including Wine!  $40


Saturday March 22

Saturday Morning Jam  10 am-2 pm    Join us!

Still Standing

7:30 pm  no cover

Al, Shari, Danny, Marcus and Michael are back with their blend of whatever they feel like doing that evening. Pop, bluegrass, country, blues, and rock are all possibilities.

We hope you can stop by and break up your routine!


Enjoy the week,

Gina,  Al & Marcus the music guys.


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