Dear all,

Weather: no comment except to say, thank goodness for the sun moving higher and higher in the sky. At least now, when we have temperatures in the single digits, the sun still causes the snow and ice to melt into small puddles.  

    I will be digging out the potting soil and some rye grass seed and planting my own “spring” this week.  In Minnesota, the sight of a little patch of green grass at this point is ….sustaining.  As are the first eggs.  The hens are laying and thanks to Greg and Mary Reynolds, I have evidence and it is delicious.  Easter may be several weeks off, but the tradition of celebrating eggs has been a spring ritual in most cultures since ancient times.  If we’d gone all winter without eggs, we’d be drawing designs on them, dying them beautiful colors and smashing them filled with confetti on each others heads too!  One of the most delicious ways of celebrating eggs I know of is with creme brulee… that rich, eggy custard…. it’s on the menu this weekend.  

    If you’ve never tried dying eggs with onion skins or beet peelings or drawn on eggs with beeswax to make beautiful patterns with layers of dye, I can tell you from experience it’s deeply soul satisfying.  There are lots of resources for supplies, directions and inspiration, just use the google.

    Music and food are, as we all know, also sustaining and we have lots of both coming up.  As many of you know, our new menu was introduced a couple weeks ago, we’ve tweaked it a bit and we’re adding in daily and weekly specials.  This week, for all of us enjoying “staycations”  over Spring Break we’re going to cook up some ribs and potato salad for dinner as well as carbonara pasta.  Bailey has reintroduced the daily Blue plate specials for lunch.  We found we didn’t have room for a huge container of chocolate ice cream, so we got the milk shake maker out and as a special treat, we’re mixing up chocolate milk shakes this week.  Florida, HA!!

    On the music scene, we have a couple new music guests on Thursday night , Cathy and Abel Pineiro.  We look forward to new musical guests as we never know when we’re going to hit the jackpot, like last week when Diet Folk turned up with a new name, fresh from Nashville and knocked our socks off!  On Friday Chico Chavez will be here, always a favorite with me and on Saturday, Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures, a pleasure indeed!

    We’re nearing the end of the month and so now would be your chance to catch Joe McDonalds photography before it disappears.

Calendar This Week 

March’s Featured Artist

Joe McDonald


Dinner Specials on music nights this week:  bbq’d ribs, potato salad, pasta carbonara,

 and for dessert- creme brulee!


Thursday, March 27

Cathy and Abel Pineiro

7:30 pm no cover
Cathy and Abel Piñeiro are a husband & wife team who have performed together on and off while raising a family in Saint Paul for the past 19 years. Their mutual love of music includes an eclectic mix of familiar songs in the American repertoire of standards, folk and pop, covering artists like Patsi Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens and even some Motown. Their love for their Spanish roots can be heard in the more traditional Spanish ballads they sing.

Friday, March 28

Chico Chavez and The Manguito All-Stars

7:30 pm no cover

Authentic Latin jazz with all colors of the afro-latin grooves mix with top jazz undertones, creating a wonderful musical experience.

Friday Night Date Night  — Dinner for Two including Wine!  $40

Entree: Bbq’d ribs

Saturday March 29

Saturday Morning Jam  10 am-2 pm    Join us!


Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures

7:30 pm  no cover

“After hearing KING, even a godless heathen like me wants to go ‘Drinking with the Lord’. Cinematic, evocative, timeless, and a fine traveling companion, KING is king!” Johnny Russia “Certainly a name that we should keep an eye on, Bernie King makes this "King" for his own royal entrance as a singer songwriter.”
— Freddy Celis, Rootstime


Enjoy the week!

Gina, Carl, Marcus and Al, the music guy