Dear all,

April is a funny month.  Everything is thawing out, the snow is disappearing, the sun is warm no matter what the temperature outside.  The view out the dirty, smudged windows is brown and filthy and yet….. you can feel the stirring.  The birds and squirrels are the visible and audible manifestation of this.  The scurrying, the chattering, the twittering!   I walked outside Sunday morning and the robins were in the treetops on top of the hill, I think to catch the first sunshine, and even Brad who notices not when I get my hair cut 4 inches, commented.  The river is getting into the act, picking up speed on it’s merry way, at last freed from it’s icy solidness and fairly dancing safely between it’s banks as it flows on, not forecasted to overflow, so far.   

All this sunshine and moisture is working it’s magic under the surface and soon it will burst with life.  If I sit still, under my skin I feel it too, the gentle stirring, picking up speed.  Soon it will motivate me to wash those windows.

Wine club is tonight and the subject is finding your own “house wine”. Those of us who know Marcus, can guess that his personal house wine might be Australian Shiraz so there will likely be some and since it’s World Malbec Day on April 17, I’m guessing there will be a malbec in the mix along with suggestions to find your own personal “go to” wine.The three components of every meeting are: developing your palate (tasting),  exploring the art of enjoying wine (what should I serve with the Easter Ham?)  and learning all aspects of procuring wine (group buying anyone?).  7-9 PM on the second Tuesday of most months.  $20.  If you can make a reservation, that would be great, if not, just show up and we’ll be happy to see you.  763-972-3399

Some fine music this week:  On Thursday we’re in for a special treat with guitar master, Eric Lugosch.  Click on this listing below to find out about him if he’s not already a familiar name to you.  On Friday it’s Date Night and another new artist to us, but not if you’re from Duluth; Rachel Kilgour.  Click on her name below to see more.

On Saturday Night it’s Opera Night at Three Crows, Part Deux.  For those of you lucky enough to have reservations it starts at 6:30.  If you missed out, we will be announcing Part Tre soon, so  stay tuned!  Can’t wait!

Passover and Easter are coming and we have some great music planned that week,  Check our website calendar for details and while your at it, look around.  You can click “see more” at the bottom of this page and it will bring you right to the website.

Calendar This Week

April’s Featured Artist

Patricia Reinert


Tuesday April 8

Wine Club

7 - 9 pm $20/person, call for reservations


Menu Specials this week include:  

Chicken Marbella,  Pesto Pasta with Sausages,  Apple Pie


Thursday April 10

Eric Lugosch

7:30 pm $15 cover

Eric Lugosch is one of the most creative heads of the American acoustic guitar scene. Like his colleague Duck Baker – who is also one of his greatest fans – he very skillfully combines technical know-how with musical expressiveness. Lugosch is a fellow who tinkers, who consistently seeks musical depth in his arrangements and whose artistic concept is marked by both respect of tradition as well as uncompromising originality. His spectrum of color embraces the entire range of American music, be that ragtime, blues, R&B or jazz.


Friday April 11

Rachael Kilgour

7:30 pm no cover

Based out of Duluth, MN, Rachael Kilgour has built a devoted following over the last eight years, captivating audiences with a balance of provocative, topical lyrics, passionate musical delivery, and a charmingly witty stage presence. Kilgour sings about love and family well, but most compelling are her songs about human nature, societal shortfalls and our own potential to create change.


Friday Night Date Night  — Dinner for Two including Wine!  $40

Entree:  Chicken Marbella  ( tender chicken breast in a wine sauce with garlic & capers) 


Saturday April 12

Saturday Morning Jam  10 am-2 pm    Join us!

Opera Night at Three Crows, Part 2

6:30 PM   Reservations needed-  Sold Out


Enjoy the week,

Gina, Marcus and Al, the music guys