picking the wild grape

picking the wild grape

Dear all,

One of my favorite things is the light green haze that precedes the green leaves every Spring.  There is something fairylike about the delicate shades of coloring on the tops of the trees. This phenomenon is best enjoyed at a distance, and since I live surrounded my trees, I need to take a drive to open spaces to best appreciate it.  Like so many of the seasonal changes, it’s fleeting …and if I miss it,  it will be a whole year until it comes around again.

As you can imagine, food is a favorite topic around here.  I had a conversation about a week ago about what can be done to improve our food supply which naturally brought up the state of things and what seems to be missing.  What are the obstacles to us having what we might call, great, wholesome food?  I love that this conversation held out the possibility that we could actually do something about it. 

What stood out, maybe the key thing, as in if we had it the rest would follow, is a very simple thing. As human beings, we simply need a connection to our food.  Growing, cooking, knowing the growers, knowing the cook, picking it ourselves, preserving, food grown locally, fresh food in season, all hot topics right now and all about having a connection to our food.  Just reading that list makes me feel good.  As our connection has diminished, our craving for these connections has grown.  We say it’s about a “healthy food supply” and of course it is, but I think it’s deeper than that.  Food is fundamental to life, and when our connection to what keeps us alive is diminished, our satisfaction with our lives is diminished.  As we begin another season of growing, I intend to deepen the connection with the food I eat in any way I can.  I invite you to do the same.

This Saturday our Community Market opens for another summer season.  It will be located in the new Delano Commons, next to the Legion on Bridge Avenue.  Rain or shine, there will be a market, Farmers, food, music and a chance to meet your neighbors.  9 AM to noon.  

Wine Club tonight, Tuesday,  with Marcus. Topics are Aging Wine and the Wines of Spain.  7 - 9 PM.  Call if you can 763-972-3399 or just come.  $20.  

Music is listed below, two new acts, topped off my Comedy Night on Saturday. A couple weeks ago, some of us went out to explore the comedy scene in Minneapolis.  I’ve forgotten how how fun it can be to spend an evening laughing with friends. We thought it would be good to bring a little comedy to our mix.  

Check out the details and links below.

Calendar This Week 


May’s Featured Artist

Chantal Boon

This week’s specials: Shrimp Scampi,  Spinach risotto,  Cheesecake

Tuesday May 13

Wine Club with Marcus Hanson

7 - 9pm

Exploring Spain and Aging Wine. $20 Call for reservations.

Thursday May 15

Jim Kirkendall and Steve Low

7:30 pm no cover

Jim Kirkendall and Stevie Low are musical barnstormers. Jim spent time as a full time musician, playing coffee houses and folk clubs across the US and Canada. Stevie Low put in many years playing in the bars, clubs and concert stages that blues and rock players identify as their work place. In 2011, Stevie Low was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the trio "The Buzzards". 

Friday May 16

Scottie Miller

7:30 pm no cover

Scottie Miller is an American pianist and singer-songwriter born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This ”blues-pianist” shows again and again how versatile his music can be with blues, jazz, classical, funk and soul influences that blend together seamlessly.

Friday Night Date Night  — Dinner for Two including Wine!  $40

Saturday May 17

Saturday Morning Jam  10 am-2 pm    Join us!

Comedy Night featuring Tommy Thompson

7:30 pm  $10 cover

Funny man Tommy Thompson has a brand of comedy that is as unique as he is. His emphatic delivery and high energy makes him fun to see time and again. He dishes out the laughs with a distinct style that will make you leave his show feeling exhausted.

Enjoy the week,

Gina, Al and Marcus, the music guys