Dear all,

We’re driving back to the cities today after a brief but sweet weekend up north.  The leaves were budding when we got there, but eighty degree weather coaxed them out to 80% in no time.  The trillium are blooming, the peepers are really loud, the loons are singing, the mosquitos are ferocious and the ticks, yes there are ticks.

In other words, it’s blissful inside and as always, good to get away.

Now it’s back to regular life.  Coffee, music, food, friends.  This week we are looking forward to The Jason Paulson Band on Thursday, billed as an American Duo , Alison Scott, Indie Soul on Friday and Jeff Carver for jazz on Saturday night.

Next week on Saturday is  Opera Night for those of you with reservations it starts at 6:30.  Bingham and Thorne on Thursday hopefully with Bob’s new CD in hand to be released!  And on Friday it’s Joe and Vicky Price, not to be missed if you’ve never seen them before with Joe’s special brand of foot stomping blues.

Calendar This Week

May’s Featured Artist

Chantal Boon

Thursday May 29

Jason Paulson Band

7:30 pm no cover

Jason Paulson is not your average country artist; he trades the glitz and gloss of current country radio for an honest storytelling, north and woods stomp that is every bit as powerful as it is meaningful. In a world with an attention span growing shorter and shorter Jason implores his fans to take a longer look at the world, the people around them and at themselves, and the end result has been staggering. He has played every major festival and fair in Minnesota and has developed a wide and faithful following.

Friday May 30

Alison Scott

7:30 pm $10 cover

Alison Scott is the strongest new voice to come out of Minneapolis in many years and her soulful, organic sound has quietly built a very large and loyal following. While staying indier than indie and completely ignoring the hipster rulebook, through word of mouth with very little radio or media hype, Alison is making the kind of soul music that music fans love. True music lovers have always responded to an amazing voice singing great songs, and they always will from Aretha to Adele, this is timeless music that transcends style and fashion, something for the silent majority of listeners who aren’t interested in fluffy pop OR the trendy flavor of the month. 

Friday Night Date Night  — Dinner for Two including Wine!  $40

Saturday May 31

Saturday Morning Jam  10 am-2 pm    Join us!

Jeff Carver

7:30 pm  no cover

Jeff Carver is an extremely versatile trumpet performer, educator and studio musician based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, market. He is both a sought after lead player, known for his amazing range, strength, power and endurance; and also as a skilled balladeer…incorporating a smooth, dark tone with intuitive phrasing and style. He is well schooled and highly experienced performing a variety of musical styles including funk, rock, jazz, smooth jazz, blues and pop.

Enjoy the week,

Gina, Al and Marcus the music guys.