Summer Solstice 2013  - otherwise known as the Epic Battle between Fire and Water

Summer Solstice 2013  - otherwise known as the Epic Battle between Fire and Water

Dear all,

The River is going down, the skies are clear, it’s June and all is well with the world.  That was a lot of rain and as much as I do love a good thunderstorm…. I was up in the middle of the night watching the radar and the NOA flood site, hoping for mercy. 

Until opening Three Crows, I’ve never experienced being tuned into a river.  I grew up in a lake town, which is a whole different thing.  Lakes can be dramatic in an immediate sort of way- and unless you’re in the middle of the sea, there’s usually a way to move off the water before the winds churn it up.  

Rivers are different. With a river, wind, thunder and lightening are not such a concern.  Instead it’s the amount of water that comes down in some fairly short period of time and the affect of that, which shows up days later.  (Except flash floods which are a whole other topic).  So there’s a warning but buildings and houses are stuck in place and there is no moving out of the way… 

Lakes are about the responsive nature of the surface of water to the elements and rivers are about the collective power of flow.  Different lessons.  All that aside, I’d still rather have too much water than not enough. 

Having said all that, I hope I haven’t invoked a flood.  There’s a funny phenomena around Three Crows that's been noticed by more people than me over the years.  When someone’s name is spoken, usually within 5 minutes, they walk in the door.  It’s true.  

Speaking of liquid… tonight is Wine Club and the subject is Sauvignon Blanc and the area of exploration is New Zealand wines.  Perfect subjects for a Tuesday in June.  It starts at 7 PM and if you can call ahead, that would be great.  763-972-3399. Otherwise just come.

Now laughing is the perfect way to spend a Thursday night in June.  Our second comedy night is happening this Thursday, $10 Cover, starts at 7:30 and in all ways like a normal music night of food, wine, etcetera, only  a lot funnier.…  Bill Young and Joshua Florhaug.  I hope he doesn’t mind my noticing that even his name is kind of funny.

On Friday,  Robi Meyerson will be here.  Many of you have heard Robi before on her annual summer trip to visit family in these parts from her homeland of Duluth.  

And on Saturday night, it’s our old friend Lonnie Knight with his newish band, Mosquito Shoals… (and I hope saying that doesn’t invoke them).  

Ben’s making rhubarb custard pie again, best to enjoy more of that before the rhubarb goes to seed.  Slowly little homegrown treasures are making their way into the menu. Check it out below.

And speaking of summer, the Summer Solstice is coming up next week on Saturday already!!  Many of you came to the celebration last year and you might recall that it turned into a battle royal between the fiery and watery forces of nature. We are still recounting the tale of fire roasted meats narrowly escaping the fire snuffing, deluge of rains, the Four Season Cocktail that refused to light after the freezing effects of the dry ice Winter, followed by flame throwing shenanigans by Marcus and Carl which involved melting a tablecloth, and last but not least when we thought everything was calm, the fire we know as electricity gave up the ghost and out went the lights, dishwasher, and POS,  only for the fire gods to heroically raise up once more and win the night and on came the power!   This year we’re looking to Jamaica for inspiration and hoping a whole lot of mellow will show up with the fire this year.  There will be food, music and of course….fire.......... Here's a link to the menu  Call for reservations 763-972-3399   $39 per person.


Calendar This Week

June’s Featured Artist

Phil Mueller

Menu Specials this week:  Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon and Corn,  Ribeye Steak with Morel and Ramp Compound Butter and Soft Polenta, Rhubarb Custard Pie

Thursday June 12

Comedy Night 

Bill Young and Joshua Florhaug

7:30 pm $10 cover

  Come join us for another night of laughs!  What a great time last month….we are bringing another night of comedy.  Come hungry, thirsty and ready to laugh!

Friday June 13

Acoustic Showcase featuring Robi Meyerson

         7:30 pm no cover

Robi's song writing is influenced by nature, life experiences and relationships with others. She finds it exciting and challenging to weave lyrics and melody together in such a way that the song truly communicates what she feels. Having written over 100 original songs, composing and sharing her music is truly where Robi Meyerson's heart is.

Her song selection includes originals, covers of many genres, old standards, and children’s music. Covers range from the Beatles, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Marley, to Carole King, Joan Baez, Patsy Cline and Credence…a very eclectic mix.

 Saturday June 14

Saturday Morning Jam 10-2

 Lonny Knight and Mosquito Shoals

7:30 pm     no cover

Featuring Lonnie Knight on guitar and vocals, Reid Papke on bass, Gary Haberman on percussion, and Laura Owen on vocals


Enjoy the week,

Gina, Al and Marcus the music guys