You remember Carl........                                                                                                                            photo  Mitch Kezar

You remember Carl........                                                                                                                            photo  Mitch Kezar

Dear all,

As of tonight the prediction for the river is down from this morning ’s prediction of less than 16 feet.  The heavy rain went to the south of us and far enough to be out of our watershed.  Minor flooding happens at 16.5 feet and we aren’t in too much trouble until 19 feet.  Still at 16.5 feel, there’s only 2.5 feet between us and the river.…  All’s well for now.  I know how you worry.

So the great and mighty Summer Solstice is upon us in only a few short days. The sun has reached it’s furthest north point, hovers and then starts it’s journey back to the southern hemisphere.  The old stories told of the sun god dying at the summer solstice to be reborn at the winter solstice.  You can see how this could happen.

Because it’s good to mark the year, we will be celebrating again this year, Jamaican Style.  Carl has ordered up chickens and a pig,  80 pounds of charcoal for the all day process of turning pig and chicken into jerk pig/pork and chicken. Ok… he’s got me curious.  Marcus has live reggae lined up and of course there will be FIRE!  Wind and water are not invited this year.  Call for reservations  763-972-3399.  See the menu below. 

Thursday is a normal night of live music with Sasha Mercedes and Erik Brandt will be here on Friday with all or part of his quartet of Urban Hillbillys.  Both no cover and Friday of course, is Date Night.  The patio is delightful if it isn’t raining.  I saw the forecast and spent the morning there today… 

Calendar This Week

June’s Featured Artist

Phil Mueller

Menu specials:  Gigantes white beans, Chorizo , Tzatziki and kale,  Spaghetti and meatballs, house made basil Ricotta cheese, marinara sauce

Thursday June 19

Sasha Mercedes

7:30 pm

Sasha Mercedes is a vocal powerhouse. She writes and performs music that will make you think, break your heart and kick you in the gut all at once… leaving you gasping for air and begging for more. She writes songs whose honesty and substance are easy to relate to and she sings them with passion and conviction, which make her performances nothing short of riveting.

Friday June 20

Date Night:  Spaghetti and meatballs, house made basil Ricotta cheese, marinara sauce  $40 for two includes wine

Erik Brandt & The Urban Hillbilly Quartet

7:30 pm no cover

Erik Brandt has been the ringleader of the award-winning eclectic Twin Cities-based Urban Hillbilly Quartet since 1995. On stage, Erik performs mainly original material drawn from the Americana vein.  Most of his original tunes can be found on the eight albums he’s recorded with the UHQ and his two solo albums: Green Eyed Alone and, his latest, Sometimes. When choosing covers, he pulls liberally from the catalogs of Bob Dylan, Big Bill Broonzy, Johnny Cash, and other Americana heroes.

Saturday June 21

Saturday Morning Jam 10-2

Summer Solstice 

Jamaican Style

Celebrate Summer Solstice — FIRE!  Gather 6:30  Dinner 7-9 PM   Fire  Ceremony 9 PM

Reservations  763-972-3399            $39 plus  MN sales tax & gratuity

Appetizer:  Jamaican Patties, Curried Shrimp & Baked Yam   Entree: Scotch Bonnet & Lime Slaw, Fresh Fruit, Jerked Chicken, Jerked Pork, Rice & Peas, Festival, Braised Greens Dessert:  Plantains, Caramel & Coconut Cream, Coffee


Enjoy the week!

Gina, Al and Marcus the music guys

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