Dear all,

What a difference a few days of rain make. The Crow River is now predicted to crest at 20.6'--about 4 inches higher than Three Crows has had to withstand so far.

Since we will be on the wrong side of the city's flood defense wall, we're preparing to protect the cafe with sandbagging and round-the-clock pumping.

Sand and bags to fill will be available starting at 9 am tomorrow. Volunteers are welcome. If you know how to run a trash pump, we're looking for volunteers to take a shift manning the water pumps.

Regarding the cafe's schedule:

Tonight our cafe will be open as usual for Friday night date night, with music by Erik Brandt & the Hillbilly Quartet.

We'll be open tomorrow 7am to around 11am. The regular menu will not be offered, but coffee, pastries and quiche are available.

Saturday's Summer Solstice Event has been moved to higher ground, and has become a pig roast and keg party. The cost will no longer be $39, although donations are accepted. Space is still available. Call Three Crows at 763-972-3399 for reservations.

The cafe will be closed Sunday and Monday. We'll keep you updated as schedules change, and let you know when we will reopen for business.