Greg the flood fighter extraordinaire and one of our heroes

Greg the flood fighter extraordinaire and one of our heroes

Dear all,

I’m sure I’ll look back on this couple weeks some time in the future and wonder at the seismic shift in the life of Three Crows. I'm too close right now to see it in perspective. Many of you are wondering how I'm doing.  I'm doing just fine and sleeping like a rock, although with many dreams of water where it doesn't quite belong.

The chaos is what’s daunting for me.  The out of placeless and up in the airiness of everything.  I crave order and pattern in my life and there is nothing more satisfying right now than doing the dishes and putting them away.  

There’s lots of “first this”, and “then that”.  First the river has to go down, then the water has to be turned back on,  then the silt can be mopped out, then we can move the shelves out of the store room and into the front room, then they can be cleaned and then the clay dyke has to come down, then the trailer of canned goods in Mitch’s trailer can be emptied back on to the clean shelves, then the trailer can be used to haul furniture up to Jeff and Steph’s new cabin this weekend. 

This is but one of the many scenarios Melinda helped me figure out on Friday, or was it Thursday last week.  All plans made knowing there will always be a monkey wrench or two thrown in to make things interesting as if things aren't interesting enough.  

Meanwhile, people have been sending lots of condolences and encouraging notes hoping Three Crows will rise again like a slightly soggy phoenix, commenting on the photo Mitch took of me in the river, and best of all I love the refugee stories. 

It seems the Table of Knowledge, what the regular locals call themselves, have set up a camp of sorts at Coborn’s.  I haven’t been there yet, but they were kind enough to invite me.  

Gretchen invited the musicians that participate in the morning jam to meet on Saturday at her house to make some music.  She’s had a space just waiting for people to make music in for years and I saw a photo so I know she had a good turnout.

People wrote pleading to buy coffee beans, so we took some down to the market on Saturday to sell.  We sold out and are planning to have more this Saturday so stop down.  You can also order them online.  If you haven't been to the market, put it on your list of things to do.  Three Crows is sponsoring a stage with live music each week, it's  a chance to get a music fix.

The Fourth of July is going to happen in all it’s glory again this year.  Everyone is working like crazy to get the flood mess cleaned up.  The clay wall came down on Tuesday and Bridge Avenue is finally open to traffic.  The street needs a good cleaning… do we dare wish for rain….maybe not…..

Some of you know that I started Three Crows after experiencing a community that didn’t have a place.  It’s a long story, but the upshot was that I was pretty sure I could create community by creating a welcoming place where people could connect with each other.  The coffee shop and restaurant seemed the perfect means of support for such a place and that’s in a nutshell how Three Crows was hatched.  That idea lives on through all of you.

Thank you all for your notes and kind thoughts and offers of help.  It heartens me and us, beyond measure.

I’ll be in touch next week.  

Enjoy the Fourth!

Gina, Marcus and Al, the music guys.