Getting ready to fly

Getting ready to fly

Dear all,

We’ve been watching a Robin’s nest built in the crook of the gutter.  We watched them build the nest, sit on the nest and then watched the little hungry beaks open to be fed worms and bugs.  We watched the parents sit on a tree branches, catching their breath before flying in for the next round of begging, stuffing, hunting for more.  

This morning we’ve been watching the little birds now perched on the edge of the nest and wildly flapping their wings.  They have to take turns as there’s only room for one to flap at a time while the other clings to the edge of the nest against the house.

Meanwhile… our cat woke up from his nap and found himself on house arrest…..

Seems like some lessons in there somewhere….

There’s not much visible or exciting to report on the Three Crows front.  We got our garage cleaned last weekend and things feel a little more buttoned up and organized.  There is a lot of form filling, phone talking, email sending and head scratching going on, but not much that’s worth talking about.  Hard to tell sometimes if we’re making progress but I think we are.

In the meantime, I would like to invite you to visit the market on Saturday morning. Meghan Elizabeth will be playing on the Three Crows stage.  There will be coffee and beans for sale. There will be some folks you know hanging out, I expect and a couple other things of note.

First of all,  there will be a kickoff of Green Dream!  This is a fundraiser to raise money to replace trees in and around Delano that  a) have fallen into the river due to erosion b) been displaced due to recent excavation around the Riverside commons and other river bank exploits  c) are about to be killed by the ash bore d) were by some oversight, never planted in the first place.

This is a chance for us, the citizens of Delano to throw our shoulders to the wheel along with the city to make Delano a shadier, more oxygenated, and beautiful place to live.  Look for the button selling, tree leafing table.

Second, there will be a Connect the Dots meeting from 9-10:30 AM.  Stop in to find out what visions and projects people are up to that enrich life for folks in these parts.  Look for a sign on an easel and stop by to eavesdrop and throw in your thoughts if so inspired.

Of other musical interest:  Joe and Vicki Price wrote to let us know that on Saturday, July 19th they will be participating in the Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis.  The Festival takes place in several venues near the Harriet Brewing Company on Minnehaha. “Joe and I will be playing from 5:30 to 7 on the Mosaic Cafe patio.  Jeff Ray & Hurricane Harold  will be performing after us.  For details and a complete schedule please check out their website,”  she wrote.

 Brad and I are going to be traveling next week,  I’ll try to write!

In the meantime, 

Enjoy the week!

Gina, Al and Marcus the music guys.