Flood fighters on the wrong side of the wall.....

Flood fighters on the wrong side of the wall.....

Dear all,

I hope you all had a happy 4th of July.  We spend the 4th “up north” and  if felt eerie to come back.  I know from past years that there wasn’t an inch of sidewalk showing on both sides of the streets on Friday morning.  I know there were Shriners on little motor cars speeding in impossibly tight circles, horses prancing through complicated drills, lots of smiling people waving from convertibles and floats, concoctions of active imaginations driving down the middle of River Street.  

I imagine that from Wednesday night until Saturday night the park was transformed by loud music, beer tents, a million lights, state fair sized rides, bingo and the best hamburger stand anywhere tended by people we all know.  I bet there were firecrackers going off at backyard bonfires through the nights, picnics and gatherings of friends and relatives in one out of five backyards and on Saturday night, I’m sure there was a ridiculously over the top display of fireworks to rival any in the big cities. But all that happened while I was away and then vanished leaving only some trampled grass and a few candy wrappers to show for it.  Eerie, completely.

Meanwhile I was hanging out in a cabin, swatting mosquitoes, making potato salad, drinking negronis, playing cards and going for evening launches on a peaceful little lake.  A different kind of a fourth, nice and all, but kind of ….quiet and relaxing.  What I needed but still, it’s weird to know that all went on while you were somewhere else.

After spending Monday loading, cleaning,  driving, unloading, unpacking, doing laundry and opening mail and email, I was ready for another vacation.  By Tuesday I was sorting through the piles of papers on my desk.  One pile of Three Crows details to attend to, one pile of paperwork for the possible new building, one pile of things to get ready for our trip.  With the restaurant closed it seems like I should be, kicking rocks as my Dad would say, but oh no.  In review, Brad and I looked at each other Tuesday night and recounted what had happened and decided perhaps, a year’s worth of nonsense had happened in a few short weeks.  Sorting through the rubble might surely take awhile but I’m ready to be done and move on. Impatience is clearly one of my strong suits.     

One of the great sliver linings of Three Crows closing, is the focus on the Delano Community Market at the Riverside Commons on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to noon.  The Community Market started two years ago alongside Three Crows and this year moved to the wonderful new Riverside Commons Building, next to the Legion and just across the river from Three Crows. This is a fine place to run into friends and neighbors and to stock up on produce, baked goods, and gifts of all sorts. And Three Crows has a stage there with live music.   Abby has been selling Three Crows coffee beans there and last week, she brought along brewed coffee to sell.  This week we’re bringing chairs and tables down. It seems the Three Crows refugees are requesting a Three Crows pop up! It makes me smile.

I hope you’re all well,  I miss seeing you.

Enjoy the week,

Gina, Al and Marcus the music guys….


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