Greetings to you all,

I always hesitate to write because it raises questions that alas.....I have still no answers for.  But Al asked me to send out a note to you about an upcoming gig for the Still Standing (the Three Crows House Band) and I thought it might be a good time to brush up on the rusty blogging skills.  I see it's been nearly a year since I've written to you all.  Time flies.

The pertinent information is that The Still Standing will be performing with its full cast of characters this coming Sunday from 1-4 PM at Applejack's Orchard.  Click here for more information:   It's always fun to have a field trip to the orchard in the Fall and this could be your opportunity.  The full cast as you will remember is: Al Sterner, Shari  Zimmerman, Marcus Hanson, Mike Miller and Carl Blanz.

Many of you have visited us over the summer at the Delano Community Market on Saturdays from 9 AM- noon.  The market runs from May through October and is a good place to pick up some coffee beans, (yes we're still roasting) a cold press or cup of hot coffee (depending on the weather) and a baked goodie to go with your coffee while you're shopping.  Now that fall has set in, there's no better time.  The Community Market is held in the Riverside Commons, 10 Bridge Avenue E, just across the river from the old Three Crows site.  If there is an event going on at the Commons, look for us in the parking lot by the Legion as will be the case this weekend.  Pray for sunshine.

I know for many of you, the question still on your minds is "will Three Crows ever reopen?".  I know this because I cannot leave my house without someone asking me where or telling me how much they miss it.  And I appreciate that people care, yes I do!

It is not an easy question to answer I think because finding the right location is complex and probably because I am starting a time of my life when it's tempting to think of retirement.  So how does one fit a Three Crows into their life and still have a life I wonder when I'm not exploring yet another one of the buildings in town or revisiting an old scenario yet again.

I hope you are all (well mostly all, some of you have not been so lucky) happy you have been spared from going down all the rabbit holes with me.  Sometimes I get very tired of the whole thing and need to take a break from having any conversation about it at all.  I think that's what this summer has been.  

And now it's fall and all I can do is report the facts and try to avoid being either overly or underly optimistic.  We are exploring yet another building and I still have the website, I still have the phone number, I still have the mailbox and I still have the espresso machine.  In the meantime, keep the faith and know that when I finally and absolutely can tell you the plan, whatever it turns out to be, I will.  In the meantime, I hope to see you at the market!

And perhaps I will take up writing a bit, if you allow it, on subjects that might be other than Three Crows music schedule and menu offerings.  I rather miss it and by writing to you, at least I have the illusion you are still there.

Enjoy the day, 


PS  As I write this it's pouring rain and I'm not looking at the river flood prediction.  This is a good thing.  Have you seen the flood wall they are putting in where Three Crows stood?



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