Dear all or as my Irish friend would say; Top o the mornin' to ya.

I thought we might be ready for a little flower inspiration to pull us through this last month of our a bit too long, white and brown season.  A couple years ago while visiting Nick and Sara in Germany,  we happened upon Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands when we took a little side trip.  If you ever have a chance, go there.  Early in the morning. It’s only open for 8 weeks out of the year and is something to behold.  It's not just acres and acres of tulips blooming, it's acres and acres of gardens, curated for color, and texture and featuring the most amazing tulips you've ever seen.

It's not just garden flowers that sprout in the spring,  it seems so do ideas.  One of these has turned into a project I've been busy with the last couple months.  Next week we will be closing on a building in Delano, only a block east of the old Three Crows site.  I want to quickly add that this is NOT a new home for Three Crows, but something new.

Let's back up. 

My intent in 2004 was to make a place for community, for people to connect.  I’ve had that in my life in the past and after moving west, longed to create it again.  The restaurant was a way to support the space.  The community that formed was really what I was after.  I’m not from Delano so a midlife course change and moving west from our home in Wayzata left us in a new place with only 2 friends.  

To my surprise and delight, Three Crows  attracted people I wanted as friends and that wanted to be friends with each other. It grew into the community of friends I longed for.  We barely survived as a restaurant and after 10 years, probably could have made it had the river not been so adamant about needing more room to flow.

I looked at every building in downtown Delano.  I never could picture us on highway 12, the river town seemed to be our home.  A year ago in February, I decided it was time to give up the idea of reopening Three Crows and clear out the old.  I sold my equipment, cleaned out my files and decided to listen for what was next.  

The community that formed survived the loss of the building and continued to dream together of a place. A place to hang out and create who knows what.    

 Last Fall, a few of us decided to read the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and we thought we'd  throw knitting into the mix while we were at it.  Over the fall and winter we knitted and read our way through the chapters.  I blame that.  Through the process of uncovering what we really care about, we got bolder and when we spotted a few spaces that could hold our community, we decided to start a conversation and see where it led.  

Where it led is to a 7200 square foot building in downtown Delano.  What comes next remains to be seen.  We have 16 investors who have come up with the cash to buy it.  We have nearly 40 supporters willing to throw in money to pay the bills the first year while we figure out what this building will be and how it will support itself.  

 There are a million ideas of things to do and our biggest challenge is to keep from running away with ourselves.  Early on we asked ourselves what we'd do if we had a space.  We covered an entire sheet of easel paper in tiny writing, no margin left bare with ideas.   Some have dreams of art, others a commercial kitchen, for some its events, music, a workshop,  classes,  and for everyone it's a place to hang out.

Right now I think we could say the building is a tender sprout, barely poking it's head out of the ground...but with careful tending....we're hoping for something beautiful.  Stay tuned. 

Enjoy the day,