Hi all,

No matter how you celebrate the arrival of Spring, with Easter or Passover or by planting an indoor basket of grass,  it demands our attention.  Even in Minnesota where the frost isn’t out of the ground yet, the signs are everywhere.

When I step outside the birds are singing, the geese are flying north and most every day the sheets of ice in my yard thaw into mud puddles.  There's no green in sight but dotted across the countryside are people tending pans of thin watery sap as it cooks down to thick, brown, sweet syrup.  I love Spring.  But then I love each season when it arrives.  

Easter is this weekend, on April 1st this year.  An outside egg hunt is not as appealing as it was last year when Easter fell on that beautiful warm day in the middle of April. The fact that Easter moves around so much keeps us off balance.  

Even though we complain that summer will never get here, the longer days and stronger sun are inevitable, count-on-able, a foregone conclusion that it will come.  When there's so little that is a sure thing, it’s comforting that we can count on our planet to spin around the sun in the same pattern, year after year. 

We humans are not very comfortable with uncertainty.  We much prefer knowing how things are going to turn out. That Summer will follow Spring and then we’ll have Fall followed by Winter.  Can you imagine what life would look like if we didn’t know which season would come next?   

Lot's of things are not certain as any of us who have lived awhile know.  Our lives are not certain.  Each day we get surprised in big and small ways.  Thank goodness!  How boring would it be to live the same predictable day over and over? I seem to recall a movie about that .....

We know life is uncertain and unpredictable but are we comfortable with it?  The wonderful thing about embracing uncertainty is that we are really saying yes to what is already true.  By getting comfortable with not knowing, we make friends with life.  We move beyond fear to curiosity.   We set an intention, take action aligned with that intention and prepare to be surprised, delighted or... disappointed.  And mostly we get better at it the more we do it.  Less disappointment, more delight.

I love resting in what I know for certain.  In the sun, in Spring, that Summer will come.  That today is Friday and we have all agreed that tomorrow will be Saturday.  And I also like to play in the unknown, the uncertain, the present, where I get to decide on the next action I will take, or the next conversation I will have.  Where I am willing to show up, speak what's true for me, let go of certainty and see what happens.

I wish you a weekend of surprises…. that’s where delight lives.

Enjoy the day!